Why you should get OBD II for your vehicles?

OBD II -standing for On-board Diagnostics is popular among car drivers these days. It helps to check your automobile’s perfomrmance and also any fault or error happening in the engine, through a device called “Check Engine”. This amazing car scan tool has been installed in almost all manufactured vehicles, of such as cars, light trucks, SUV… from 1996 up to now. If problems in the car engine happen, the system of on-board computer will inform you, and then automatically generates a code and planned auto diagnosing programs to solve that problems. You must plugging OBD II through a compliant connector to this code to be readable.

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The OBD II prices in the market is various, because it is diverse from type to type. In fact, there are a deal number of car scan tools in the market now. Your choice depends on the car configuration. Normally, mechanics with high qualification will tend to pick up more sophisticated readers. However, a good thing is whatever type the code reader is, the way of using stays the same.

Here are some instructions that help you make sure that everything will be alright and well operated with your OBD II.

A cable is necessary

You are gennerally supposed to be in need of a cable, which can help you to connect to computer or laptop, or a scanner. Technically, a scanner will be compatible with most of the vehicle, and can read those common codes that often offered by most machine. However, be careful if your scanner requires especial code systems that do not fit with your vehicle.

Turn off your vehicle engine

Your engine must be forced shut down, and out of power when plugged by a reader for the safety matters.

Locate OBD II system connection plug

Different vehicles may have varied locations, sometimes under the steering wheel, between the front seats, under the driver’s seat or behind ashtray…It is typically near the center console of the driver’ side, especially for the vehicles compliant with OBD II protocols and having a female 16 pin connection.

One easy way to be suggested is searching online to look up where is the right place to locate it.


Check the connector plug

You must be sure about every essential pin is present. Remember that pin number 4 and 5 is to ground and the number 16 is to supply battery power.

Check connection between OBD II and vehicle’s computer

The 16th pin plug of your cable should connect to the female port of the vehicle well to run the programs smoothly.

Another way to connect the scanner with PC is install an OBD II software on it. A cable with 16-pin should be needed and a USB connector to hook up to the PC. Otherwise, you could choose the bluetooth connectors, these are fine too.

Consume time for initialize

It is supposed to take a short span of the reader to take action. What will happen is the scan tool checking your vehicle computer, then deciding to use what kind of protocol. It will consequently real the malfunction code stored in that computer, then transform to be an on screen displaying for you.

Interpret the code

Finally, the service will provide you with all the information, based on the basic codes. Some scanner brand also provide access to service that helps to interpret the code and automatic repairing procedures.

These are all reasons why you should get a scanning tool like OBD II, for your vehicle health and also your big advantage. Just make a decision and let it make your life much more better.

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