How can an OBD scanning tool save your cars!

If any problems are happening to your car, you can communicate with and fix it, by yourselves, without contacting to a mechanics man! No kidding, it is definitely the truth, for those are still doubting about it! If you do not know, we will introduce you with the very modern scan tool : OBD – standing for On-board Diagnostics, the 11 system.

It is considered the second generation of the whole system. For over 10 years, this hi-tech tool is already used in most cars which are manufactured each year. And more special, it only accepts the connector with 16-pin, to accessibly connect to an equipped vehicles.

This scanning item is easy to use because of its simplicity and movability, which means they are easily handheld. It is also equipped with a led display, or even more complicated form, is a laptop or PC, to allow running of heavy analysis softwares. You can carry out not only simple but also advanced diagnosing programs, without spending too much.


With the PC item, we can boosting a set of machine, with full complicated features as well, just by plotting and logging sensor data. It can imform the exact efficiency in fuel consuming or the estimated horsepower.

There is another item to be involved in the scar scan tool we are talking about, with more modern and advanced, called pro-scan. It is very friendly with your PC, and its performance is imitating exactly like an OBD scanner.

In a market we can easily find them. However, it is provided together with hardware and software bundles . In addition, they supply you all the cables enclosed with these stuffs. The reason for that is, they need a tool to match your PC and OBD Scan tool. Then you can use  your PC as an OBD tool at ease. What an amaze!

This Pro-scan can be beneficial than you have ever thought before: Any mechanics, or the car owner are able to read all data, and then even freeze them. It is simply like a snapshot of the current performace of your car, check all the problems happening or potentially being capable of occuring. It can also cancel your codes, or store your frame data by freezing. In case of losing all data, it helps to record, and play back it if you want to. You can change the English language all to metric nits. When turning off the machine, you can check its availability with the engine light.

And what is the best functioning ever in this tool, is the accessity to a free software for ever, once you buy it and enoy all its functions just in the first time! It is such a great idea for those who do not want to waste their time anymore. Do not miss this oppoturnity to get this awesome tool!


For those who always have to get mechanics men to check the engine light. It is going to be easier and cheaper, because you can check it all on your own, by getting an OBD Scanning Tool, with high convenience. If emissions ever happen, it can also allow you to check the engine status immediately.

If you do not want to waste your time anymore, and your time is really precious, then just go to the market and get one to your home! It is super easy and enjoyable to use this item. Moreover, it helps you with diagnosing any other OBD-11 model complainted, or have all the amazing advantages that I have told you above.

We strongly recommend you to purchase a new one, with its high pragmatic function and available for immediate using. With its long duration time and reasonable price, we believe you have no other reasons not to choose the most versatile and useful tool ever!

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