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Useful things to know about automotive diagnostic machine

Automotive diagnostic machine, also known as automotive fault code reader (ECU – Electronic Control Unit) is a motor control system according to the program including the sensors which check the operation of the engine. An ECU receives signals from sensors, processes them and provides a control signal to the actuator. The exact fault determination of… Read more »

About OBD2 Scanning Tool And Its Amazing Functions

One of the most instant and easy devices to diagnose the performance of your car engine is the OBD2. They are also important in reset your lighting systems, or all the lights so that they can be brighter, and more efficient in light rays emissions. When to incorporate with the scanner tool, CAN – stands… Read more »

Tips for buying a suitable OBD2 scan tool

Nowadays, you can easily find OBD II from any kind, any genre available from the market. The companies joining this market is getting more and more, making the number of competitors increases so fast. The prices range is therefore more diverse. However, some big companied still keep the high prices successfully, because they have advantageous… Read more »

People cannot live without car scan tools?

Recently years, we witness a huge innovation in technology and machines advanced system. That is the reasons for any increasing in level of hi-tech components, and higher degree of complexity and sophistication! Some problems can be easily solved now. That motivates all the professional, or amateur repairing shops have to purchase wider range of scan… Read more »

Troubleshooting your car can be easier than ever?

Any vehicle should not face frequently troubles or faults, brokedowns anymore. Troubleshooting systems is a tool to help people to solve all the troubles, so they can not be more complicated or causing more trouble for you. Until these recent years, a mix of intuitive work, man-hours and outright trial and error are default problems that… Read more »

Why you should get OBD II for your vehicles?

OBD II -standing for On-board Diagnostics is popular among car drivers these days. It helps to check your automobile’s perfomrmance and also any fault or error happening in the engine, through a device called “Check Engine”. This amazing car scan tool has been installed in almost all manufactured vehicles, of such as cars, light trucks,… Read more »