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Useful things to know about automotive diagnostic machine

Automotive diagnostic machine, also known as automotive fault code reader (ECU – Electronic Control Unit) is a motor control system according to the program including the sensors which check the operation of the engine. An ECU receives signals from sensors, processes them and provides a control signal to the actuator. The exact fault determination of the car will contribute to improve the productivity of workers and technicians. The introduction of auto diagnostic tool like car diagnostic scanner is one of the great inventions which help people save time in checking and finding the faults of the car. This device is becoming more common and popular thanks to its outstanding features and its high accuracy. Let’s learn about the issues surrounding the automobile diagnostic machine.

Why should we use car diagnostic machine?

Today, science and technology is growing, therefore, the need to improve labor quality is being concerned. In particular, this problem has been noted in the automotive industry because it is the means to be used in most countries with the developed economy. The more people use cars, the more respected the issues relating to the automobile care are.

Certainly, maintaining and repairing quickly and ensuring the safety of the car are what every car owner spend a lot of interests. If the problems of the car simply are the external damages, repairing will be quick. Conversely, if the car is repaired due to the electrical damage or the faults of parts inside, the time to identify errors is quite long. Besides checking to limit risks, seeking places with the risk of damage to maintain will be more time consuming. This also means that the cost of repairing will be high which upsets many people who are using cars.

Therefore, the launch of the automotive fault code reader helps the mechanic repair faster and much more. This device has become an indispensable tool for the automotive repair people.

Today, this device is used quite commonly. Each owner of the car can own and use it easily. Knowing where the car is damaged is no longer the prerogative of the package mechanic or experts. By simply holding the fault diagnostic machine, then anyone can understand the state of their car without the fear of being taken high price from the garages or the warranty centers.

The function of the automotive diagnostic scanner

The automobile diagnostic machine was designed with modern technology with an exact fault diagnostic and perfect repair system. This device can be used for many different automotive lines with the aim of helping to identify the state of the automobile being used, and then make the timely processing direction.

Below are the outstanding features of the device

  • The ability to scan errors high and precisely which fits many different automotive lines

  • For the trivial errors, the device will identify the errors, and then delete them to ensure that the car operates normally without the need to bring to the repair center.

  • For the serious errors, the device can not fix by itself but it will help you repair temporarily so that you can operate to the closest garage for repairing.

  • If you have a problem far from the city center, it will help to determine the errors exactly and send the necessary spare parts to the nearest store without taking the rescue car.

  • If the car is damaged but the device can not edit, it can replace your call to the rescue so that they can come and drag your car to the dedicated garage.

  • It also help to save time and repair cost only with simple manipulations.

How to use the automotive fault reader?

The fault diagnostic machine will be used to identify errors and technical problems in operating the car. Also, it has the activating function to delete some basic errors. Here are the steps for using the automotive fault reader:

  1. Operate the device:

  • Connect the machine’s diagnostic port to OBD II port of the car.

  • Turn on the power button. At this time, the device will automatically update the parameters of the car.

  1. Select the mode matching the automotive line:

  • The fault reader often has two types which are specialized and versatile. Ordinarily, users will select the multifunction machine because it fits many different cars.

  • Choose the program which fits the type of the car that you are using by clicking on the icon of the car company or the brand on the home screen.

  1. Select the error reading mode:

  • After selecting the car type, the device will display the error reading mode in two types which are automatic and manual. Basing on the requirement, you can select the appropriate error reading mode.

  1. Check the errors:

  • If you choose the automatic error reading mode, the device will automatically scan the parameters of the automobile, detect and report errors if any.

  • If you choose the manual error reading mode, it will display the error modes. At this point, if you want to check what mode of the automobile including the fault, you might choose that mode. Besides the ability to detect and report errors, the device also has the function to delete such errors. You need to select the item on the screen to delete the errors.

It is certain that no one wants to spend large sums of money to buy a defective car. However, discovering all the faults of the car is very difficult. Therefore, we need the automotive fault diagnostic device so that we can know whether the car has errors or not before buying. Or you can also check the car after a period of using in order to resolve the error soon if any. A wise suggestion for you is to use the car diagnostic device OBD II because this device can be used with many different types of cars with the ability to check the errors well such as the rotational speed of engine, the maximum speed that the car can achieve, etc…

Hopefully, the above ideas will help you understand more about the automotive diagnostic device to choose the suitable and utility product for your need.

About OBD2 Scanning Tool And Its Amazing Functions

One of the most instant and easy devices to diagnose the performance of your car engine is the OBD2. They are also important in reset your lighting systems, or all the lights so that they can be brighter, and more efficient in light rays emissions. When to incorporate with the scanner tool, CAN – stands fot the Control Area Network is also a good commnicating gadget tool, and its operation is really amazing!


If your car is frequently in broking, then an OBD2 reader can be an invital tool in your warehouse. It is used to connect scanning system, and then enable you to be aware of your car’s current performance. If some serious breakdown is happening, it will imform you with detailed particulars, and also detect where it is suffered from. Sometimes, it can be really helpful when telling you the protential issues that can come out in the near future, help you to fix it before any real brokedown situations take place in the roads!

The OBD2 can also help to save a lot of time, and money if you bring your car to a mechanic man to have a total check or repairing. All of oil emisstions are well in control of this tool too. If any emission come up in random formulas, it will force shut-down and stop the emission process.

OBD means on-board diagnostics, so that they can communicate with your on board computer too, to give you very detaied information about the status of your car. Therefore, you can base on these knowledge to detect where the problem is rooted from. You can control in hand all the systems in your car, even the current performing or emission system. Of course I do not mean by some abnormal situations when the tool can not handle with. But it seldom happens, so do not worry much, a machine can never be perfect.

The process of an OBD2 reader is, they will get and clarify genetic codes, also with the pending codes to display them in a understandable in a screen. Sometimes there can be a connector device to connect a tool with a laptop or computer to be showed on.Then you can easily read all those information. This tool is handheld, and small, so that we can bring it together easily, without taking up much space, or affecting other normal functions of the car.


You should remember that there is no way an OBD2 scanner tool can be suitable with any kind of car! Therefore, there are tons of genres, types or functions that can be choosed from, in fitting with every kind. There is a famous tool recommended, Actron CP9680 AutoScanner Plus®. It is compatible with 1996 or newer vesions of import, domestic, diesel and hybrid vehycles, as well as being compliant with the 1995, 1996 OBD2 models. It has a code connect system to show a comprehensive load of database. A kind of software helps you a lot in using OBD2 tool.

Moreover, the better functions of OBD2 can be automaticly repairing all the small errors. Those errors (or faulty codes) of the car can be displayed in a numeric order by the OBD2 CAN tool operations. After all, if the fault is so big and out of its control, the whole system will send you a signal, and enclosed with a solution that you should carry out next. The reader can operate DTC scan if your car is in need, then therefore turn off the engine lights. A software are able to be installed too, to help boosting the display of emission and operating errors.

What is even more amazing about OBD2 scanning tool is you do not have to worry about its duration. It can be used for such a long time, and that means it can help us a lot in their lifetime.

Tips for buying a suitable OBD2 scan tool

Nowadays, you can easily find OBD II from any kind, any genre available from the market. The companies joining this market is getting more and more, making the number of competitors increases so fast. The prices range is therefore more diverse. However, some big companied still keep the high prices successfully, because they have advantageous competitive features. In general, the common prices are from 250-2500$. To get an OBD II which values for your money, you had better need to bear in minds some tips when purchasing as belows.

Compability of the OBD II

You first need to focus on this feature: Is that OBD II scan tool model is compatible to your hardware or your technical system. Though the OBD II compliant vehicles, the hardware can communite with diagnostic system to automatically sync with the other parts. All of system parts are standardized, so that everything goes in pairs or in groups together. There is a type called “universal scanners”, means they can fit all three hardwares. Howevers, sometimes the designs can be changed and it is up to the manufacturers. Take the Chevrolet with specified scanner models as a example.


Technical parameters

The technical parameters also matters when we decide to choose a scan tool. It is in the manuals supported by the brands. We can not compare one with another because there is no common standard available in the market. With some models like Clymer Repair Manuals, the Environmental Protection Agency of United States mandate a standard, according to some emission readings. The J1979 specification clarified this legislation. Nevertheless, with the low-enfd tools, they can not meet all of these features. It can be fine, if you use those basic tools in most countries, but meet troubles if in the American territories.

Upgradability of item

Whether it is able to update or not is another important factor. The car companies release modern and new car models every period of time, so features to be enhanced should be upgradable too. Only by that, we can use or repurchase a new technology items. However, the basic scan tools which can have really low standard would not be able to upgrate. As a result, buying an expressive tool is more pragmatic and realistic.

Built-in help features

Moreover, the inside features of a tool are very important too. You should consider the right outboard engine frame, which can define DTCs,… You can throw away spare parts or confusing details if you want, and tell it with the saleman. Sometimes you can be confused, and frustrated by the hard work of deciphering scan results.


Data logging and storage mechanisms

You need to be careful with the logging. Also remember to choose ones which have storages, in case the car did not left the garage. Done. However I know someone out there have no an idea to be join. Do not worry, you can consult a expert.

We wish these tips are helpful to you, because we extract the very main point from all our experience. Wish you have a good trip and choose a good company – a scan tool.

People cannot live without car scan tools?

Recently years, we witness a huge innovation in technology and machines advanced system. That is the reasons for any increasing in level of hi-tech components, and higher degree of complexity and sophistication! Some problems can be easily solved now. That motivates all the professional, or amateur repairing shops have to purchase wider range of scan tools than ever, if they do not want to be fall behind.


With the smart tools and machines, we can save our time, and even reduce our labour work by using them. They can support you very well, and get the double excellent results, with just a half effort, compared to before.

There is really a huge range of selections from market for scanning tools, which help to diagnose any automobiles. But to repair exactly the problems with detail should be executed with frequent span of time, and well-intended purposes. Because there are a alot of models available now, we can pick up with a prestigous brand, with very good quality, and such a competitive prive. Why not grab any opportunity to go get one for yourself?

To address different works, mechanics used to do a lot of things with the checking and overviewing the whole systems. Now life is much more better, because modern tools can analyze and diagnose all of car problems. They can inform you the very detailed status, which includes other potential problems that can be happening for your car. That is the reason why I consider it as the most useful and professional way for usages.

In some circumstances, it does not always require you with the foreigner items. You can buy the domestic one with is very affordable, and relatively cheap compared to these imported ones. Otherwise you really need a high complicated and multi-dunctional one, domestic tools are ideal for you.

For using, we only need to plug scan tool into the engine controlling systems, which is included in a computer or laptop. Then we download a frame date to be registrated, with a full detaied information, from your engine fuel consuming status at the moment, to the last time you use the service. A mechanic can base to them to have an overview of the engine, and then find out any problems, from which cause troubles to your car.

That is the whole repairing stuff to be explained to you. If you are a mechanics man, this is exactly what you need for your work. We can stress again that, this car scanning tool can provide you the best services with multi-function for your career.


A car engine management can be more easily controlled than ever, with a smart diagnostic product. If you are a frequent drivers and usually have troubles with your car, then should have one too. I bet you can of course find a simply tool, with low level of complication, so as to easily use it, even we are not mechanics.

However, you can consult a professional person to ask about what suitable kind is for your car model. In conclusion, it can be very helpful for you, because it can tell your all the whole performance process of your car, and such an excellent tool can save your hours of repairing stuff.

Although the market is saturated with different kinds of tool, and the installation process tend to get more and more commercially competent, which means you may spend much more your money to get a official one on your computer, or with updating things. It is definitely acceptable and understandable, and we still need them for our repairing and maintaining systems. We just can not survive without scanning tools’ existence in our lives.

Troubleshooting your car can be easier than ever?

Any vehicle should not face frequently troubles or faults, brokedowns anymore. Troubleshooting systems is a tool to help people to solve all the troubles, so they can not be more complicated or causing more trouble for you.

Until these recent years, a mix of intuitive work, man-hours and outright trial and error are default problems that attributed to the mechanics or technicians. Car owners can do it themselves, what a good news. Disgnosing problems for a car is getting easily than ever, by using just a tool specially designed for those work: It can actually communicate with an engine and then report to the owner, by displayng all the detailed information of engine oreratings, current performance… also with the emissions system.

It is even less consuming of time and money, instead of going to a mechanics gara. All the information is surely readable, and comprehensive. It is directly transfer from a connector software, which can be plugging into a laptop or a computer. You do not have to dream of a quick and reliable diagnose anymore, because machines can do a lot for you. Not something in the past that you have to spend hours collecting imformation or materials.


Especially, a new age of technology and information leads us to the ability to do lots of things. Machines can even utilize any scan tools, with different kinds of functions: check oil levels and quality too, the functionality of an air bag, check emissions system operating or engine light checks… You can rely on an OBD 2 tool, which mean on-board diagnostics system, can be used with laptop through a connectors.

The most difficult part of all time is deciphering and translate the numeric codes from a car engine into the language that we can understand. Luckily, OBD2 tool is invented exactly for those functions. You needn’t hire a mechanics to understand what your car is saying. To begin with more detaied explanation, any information has to feed into a connector, with reports data as OBD or OBD2 codes. As in the past, a technician used to collect all data first with an designed engineering tool, something has the scanning tasks. All these information would be interpreted with the codes. Now he could already seek for the reasons of breaking or errors. It therefore even takes longer for prepairing process.

Another reason to have a personcal auto scan tool, is to control your frequent car operations. Something trouble can be happen again, not only in your ware house but also on a half way of going to somewhere. It is very bad. Moreover, you cannot have a mechanics man to have a check of your in every week, but you yourself can do that every week, or any time you want to have a check. Constant checking is the key to the good duration and maintenance.

In conclution, the troubleshooting is getting more and more subtle and easy if you get an OBD2 tool. Everything turns out to be small issues if you find out them first, before it really happens later. The other one is, please try to buy good one on the market, with careful consideration, and enjoy!

Why you should get OBD II for your vehicles?

OBD II -standing for On-board Diagnostics is popular among car drivers these days. It helps to check your automobile’s perfomrmance and also any fault or error happening in the engine, through a device called “Check Engine”. This amazing car scan tool has been installed in almost all manufactured vehicles, of such as cars, light trucks, SUV… from 1996 up to now. If problems in the car engine happen, the system of on-board computer will inform you, and then automatically generates a code and planned auto diagnosing programs to solve that problems. You must plugging OBD II through a compliant connector to this code to be readable.

Obd_classe_a (1)

The OBD II prices in the market is various, because it is diverse from type to type. In fact, there are a deal number of car scan tools in the market now. Your choice depends on the car configuration. Normally, mechanics with high qualification will tend to pick up more sophisticated readers. However, a good thing is whatever type the code reader is, the way of using stays the same.

Here are some instructions that help you make sure that everything will be alright and well operated with your OBD II.

A cable is necessary

You are gennerally supposed to be in need of a cable, which can help you to connect to computer or laptop, or a scanner. Technically, a scanner will be compatible with most of the vehicle, and can read those common codes that often offered by most machine. However, be careful if your scanner requires especial code systems that do not fit with your vehicle.

Turn off your vehicle engine

Your engine must be forced shut down, and out of power when plugged by a reader for the safety matters.

Locate OBD II system connection plug

Different vehicles may have varied locations, sometimes under the steering wheel, between the front seats, under the driver’s seat or behind ashtray…It is typically near the center console of the driver’ side, especially for the vehicles compliant with OBD II protocols and having a female 16 pin connection.

One easy way to be suggested is searching online to look up where is the right place to locate it.


Check the connector plug

You must be sure about every essential pin is present. Remember that pin number 4 and 5 is to ground and the number 16 is to supply battery power.

Check connection between OBD II and vehicle’s computer

The 16th pin plug of your cable should connect to the female port of the vehicle well to run the programs smoothly.

Another way to connect the scanner with PC is install an OBD II software on it. A cable with 16-pin should be needed and a USB connector to hook up to the PC. Otherwise, you could choose the bluetooth connectors, these are fine too.

Consume time for initialize

It is supposed to take a short span of the reader to take action. What will happen is the scan tool checking your vehicle computer, then deciding to use what kind of protocol. It will consequently real the malfunction code stored in that computer, then transform to be an on screen displaying for you.

Interpret the code

Finally, the service will provide you with all the information, based on the basic codes. Some scanner brand also provide access to service that helps to interpret the code and automatic repairing procedures.

These are all reasons why you should get a scanning tool like OBD II, for your vehicle health and also your big advantage. Just make a decision and let it make your life much more better.